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Highest expertise in planning and implementation of academy facilities, 3D body tracking and more ...

Your own Performance Center
We plan, design and build your personal high-performance sports center. No matter what sport it is. Our experienced team of project planners is there to advise you from the very first second. If requested, also together with our Built2Coach partners and companies from the areas of health and fitness.
US College Preparation
Would you like your child to study in the U.S. while furthering their athletic career? In this process, our Camp2Coach training camps specifically prepare students for the recruiting process and everyday life in the U.S. college system. Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 are accompanied by international coaches for 2-3 days in theoretical and practical workshops.
The application for athletes
The planning and analysis tool for everyday sports. Get sovereignty over all data generated in trainings and competitions. Thanks to the intelligent interfaces, all available information is collected and displayed in detail. The player himself decides to whom and when he makes his data available via Striker2Coach.
Markerless motion analysis
A clean motion sequence is essential for top athletes. The long-established systems for motion analysis usually block this. Cables and calibrated markers influence the movement immensely. Motion2Coach captures all biometric data, with live biofeedback purely camera-based in a calibrated room. Unleash your full potential this way.
Sports Management from A-Z
As a partner, we take care of you before, during and after your professional career in sports. With our targeted analyses and experience, we support you in all areas of your athletic life, while you can focus on your successes. We specifically search for suitable sponsors, establish contacts and also take care of their support.

FENRIS is your contact for complete solutions in amateur and professional sports

Whatever the sport, the FENRIS group of companies offers you full service for your sports projects. From planning your sports facility to individual player management.


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