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Junior Golf Camps - the ideal way to prepare for U.S. college

In our High Performance College Golf Camps, coaches with international experience (US college coaches) successfully prepare students for the recruiting process for the US college system. Young golfers will have the opportunity to learn more about their golfing and physical skills. At the same time, the coaches report from everyday college life and thus provide the first, important impressions of what awaits the prospective students. In 2021, due to COVID 19 travel restrictions, we unfortunately had to cancel the camp at Schloss Lüdersburg. All participants are automatically placed for the year 2022.

Places are limited, so please note our booking period.

The Camp2Coach benefits

Benefit from our experience and the result-oriented and individual support.

Camp2Coach - Individual Coaching
Individual coaching

One-on-one instruction based on assessment of skills in various areas:
e.g. long clearance, distance wedges, …

Camp2Coach - Group Coaching
Group coaching

Group training based on assessment of skills in various areas:
e.g. long clearance, distance wedges, …

Camp2Coach - Data and Technology
Data and technology transfer

Coaching based on evaluations with the following devices: MOTION2COACH (3D) Biodynamik-System, TRACKMAN, FORESIGHT, Video

Camp2Coach - Body and Mind
Evaluation body and health

Group and individual testing (evaluation) based on TPI screening and assessment of functional physical activity in golf.

Camp2Coach - practical execution
Practical execution

Competition round over 9 holes
with individual coaching
and course management.

Camp2Coach - Coaches Workshops
Workshops with coaches

Information and interactive interaction with coaches on college golf topics:
E.g.: “What does a day/week in college look like?”

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