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In close partnership, we support young aspiring athletes before, during and after their professional career in sports. With our targeted analytics from Striker2Coach and Motion2Coach, we can make real-time, targeted predictions about an athlete’s development. We attach high importance to a personal and trusting relationship with our customers. We believe that this is the basis for successful cooperation.

The Manage2Perform key points

Our expertise and motivation are the key to your success. We provide you with high quality service and management consulting.

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Early forecasts can be made based on our Striker2Coach and Motion2Coach data.

Manage2Perform - contacts

Use our network of more than 1,500 contacts in the field of professional sports and become an additional part of it.

Manage2Perform - Contract consulting
Contract consulting & conclusion

What is the correct wording of a contract? What to consider? We give you 360° advice, support and accompany you during closings.

Manage2Perform - Education

What are the key points for athletic training? Don’t just rely on your athletic training. We offer tips for the future.

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College Placement

Another important part of our network are the U.S. colleges. For growing athletes the ideal HotSpot in the professional and athletic future.

Manage2Perform - Life after Sports
Life after Sports

What if the athletic career is finished?
Also in this case Manage2Perform is your partner for the further future and accompanies you in discussions.

Sponsorship arrangement

Using targeted data and evaluations, we provide sponsors with important access to relevant facts. Our analyses provide you with the perfect platform for your investment forecasts.

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Manage2Perform Health

Sports Psychology

Your athletic performance is closely related to your mental fitness. Anyone who wants to achieve top physical performance must also be mentally fit and resilient, because: Every sport has a mental component that has a direct impact on individual performance. Experienced coaches look after you and are your personal advisors and counselors.

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