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Motion2Coach - Markerless and wireless motion analysis in 2D and 3D

Body tracking and 3D swing analyses have so far involved a lot of effort. Time-consuming “wiring” or marking of the player becomes unnecessary with our Motion2Coach system. Biomechanical data is captured even more easily and accurately thanks to our neural network. Simultaneous images from different angles are synchronized and displayed and evaluated in a precise body model.

Benefits of Motion2Coach markerless body tracking

The removal of cables and glued markers opens up previously unique possibilities and freedom in motion analysis.

Motion2Coach - Quick start
Quick start

No preparations on the test person No preparation time at all (gluing of markers)

Motion2Coach - No calibration necessary
No calibration necessary

No loss of time due to initial and recalibration.
No need to search for orientation points that could slip in use.

Motion2Coach - Real-Time Analysis
Real time analysis

A non-contact and direct motion analysis takes place. The data is analyzed and visually displayed in real time.

Motion2Coach - Freedom of movement
freedom of movement

Markers and cables restrict or influence your movement. Without markers, we enable “REAL” motion analysis.

Motion2Coach - Fast change
Quick change

In our Motion2Coach system, players / probands can easily and quickly swap positions. Our AI automatically detects the change.

Motion2Coach - Multiperson

Our advanced AI allows us to capture multiple people at once. Thus, we also provide the analysis at the team level.

use of Motion2Coach

No matter what sport or exercise. Whether it’s rehab analysis or strength training. With Motion2Coach you simply analyze every movement even in competition mode. The place where the picture was taken does not matter. In your sports performance center, indoors, on the course or even on the driving range. Choose the camera system that suits you. Whether 2D or 3D, the software and AI always remain the same. This means that you can also upgrade at any time in retrospect.

Motion2Coach Multisport

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