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Striker2Coach - the ideal planning tool for your training routine

For months or even years you have been working with your coach and using all his technical tools to continuously improve your game. Now you have switched and all the collected data is lost. Our goal is your data sovereignty. No matter which sport or individual / team sport Striker2Coach cleverly integrates all technical stand-alone solutions via interfaces into a clear interface.

In our EBook we explain in detail how you can regain control over your personal data and decide for yourself who can see it.

The Striker2Coach benefits

A single system to collect and synchronize all content and information. Striker2Coach is the ideal planning tool for managing all training content. All available information on round analyses, training routines, swing analyses, athletics and mental and much more is collected and presented in detail.

Striker2Coach - Interface
System interface

Capturing all relevant data from a wide range of systems. Clear and simple structuring of data including detailed views.

Striker2Coach - Cloud storage
Cloud storage

All data is stored in one place, cloud-based and according to the latest DSGVO regulations.
You can access to your data everywhere.

Striker2Coach - Achievements
Round analysis and achievements

Recording and clear presentation of all achievements. Permanent display of national, international and world ranking points.

Striker2Coach - Appointment management
Appointment management

Manage all sports and private appointments in one overview. You’ll never miss a practice, sponsor meeting or team meeting.

Striker2Coach - Messenger

Stay in touch with your defined community. Use one secure messenger service instead of 3-4 different systems.

Striker2Coach - Diary

Record important milestones for yourself in your own diary. If desired, entries can also be shared among each other.

Striker2Coach - Nutrition

Top athletes know that a balanced diet is part of the game. Create a daily nutrition plan for yourself.

Striker2Coach - Training

Detailed exercises including video instructions can be easily and clearly compiled and saved.

Striker2Coach - Coachmanagement

Determine which of your coaches can see which of your data and when.
Can be selected and deselected at any time.

Striker2Coach using golf as an example

Simply compile your desired content based on the widget.

Striker2Coach - GOLF


Striker2Coach - ATHLETIC


Striker2Coach - NUTRITION


Striker2Coach - MENTAL


Striker2Coach - Coaches Edition

In addition to our Player’s Edition, we also offer a Coaches variant. This offers, in addition to the above-mentioned widgets, other plus points such as:

Striker2Coach - Recruiting

Get an overview
about players who share your data for recruitment purposes. Find previously undiscovered talent.

Striker2Coach - Teammanagement

In addition to the control of individual players, team functions are also available here. E.g. inform all players about common dates at the same time.

Striker2Coach - Coaches Corner
Coaches Corner

Would you like to exchange information about a player and have access to all data at the same time? Annoying “sharing” of Excel data is a history.

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